Chinese language and its increasing popularity

Learning an extra language always has its advantages. Chinese is one of the languages that is gaining popularity lately and a number of people have started taking Chinese as their second language. Taking Chinese as one’s second language, gives the chance to learn about a number of interesting things like economy, politics in China, history, business opportunities and archaeology. In the year 2010, it was estimated that around 750,000 people chose to take the Chinese proficiency test officially. These people were from different regions of the world belonging to different industries and backgrounds. China is one of the largely populated nations and the numbers of people who traditionally learn and speak mandarin are more. The trading partnership of China with a number of other countries has led to the need of knowing and understanding the language. It has been announced that there are over 330 official educational institutions that teach interesting Chinese language programmes as a part of their courses to their students. About 40,000 have been enrolled in them. Apart from some of the government aided institutions, there are even private places that teach the language.

Reasons for people to choose the language

Acquiring the knowledge of Chinese language can be helpful in more than one way and can bring dramatic results to the success of a person. There is a common notion that Chinese is one of the most difficult languages. Though it is true to some extent, once a person gets a hold of the basics it can be pretty simple. It is completely worthy to invest one’s free time in learning the language instead of spending the time on useless activities. Knowing Chinese can be one of the most attractive career skills a person can have. Chinese is a language that uses pictograms for writing. Some semi-phonetic ideograms are also used once in a while. When learning Chinese, one does not need to worry about tenses, genders and cases. There is no differentiation as such in the language. The grammar is also simple. It is true that the language has a degree of difficulty to it. But, this stops with writing the language. Other things like forming a sentence or the grammar that should be used in structuring a sentence are very simple and easy to understand. Even with writing, the characters are not just random pictures. They are well organized. This makes it easy to be understood.

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