Brisbane solicitor

Welcome to the best Brisbane solicitor law firm practising in a wide range of areas of their profession. As we are one of the oldest law firms in Brisbane with the great history, we have built a strong and solid reputation and offer experienced legal services to the variety of the clients.


Our best Brisbane solicitor offer advice and represent the cases of the clients in a huge range of areas such as, land acquisition, town planning law, environmental planning law, compensation, property disputes, restrictive covenants as well as gaming and liquor licensing regulations.


The synergies we taken from these areas of practice, combine with or structure as strong firm enable our practitioners to remain easily accessible to our respectable clients and provide timely and competent legal services with a cost effectual fee structure. It is just because of we have highly demanding lawyers and solicitors in our firm.


We have highly talented and experienced Solicitors of Brisbane who will assist in any kind of issues and solve your problems. Our team of Brisbane solicitor offer advice and suggestion and represent your case in a best way to bring the best outcome.


Our Brisbane solicitor services are:

  • Family Law
  • Divorce
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Child Care Law
  • International Child Abduction


Family Law and Divorce:


Our Brisbane solicitor cover a wide range of services such as, domestic abuse, divorce, children issues, international child abduction and many other family cases are include in it. If you are facing divorce issue, we know increasingly more people are experiencing breakdowns in their relationships which end up in divorce. Here are our Brisbane solicitors for your help and assist in your problem. Divorce is a stress of the relationship breakdown and no doubt this is painful time for the clients, we are here to deal with the case of divorce itself including financial settlements, children issues and many more. Our experienced Brisbane Lawyers and Brisbane Solicitors are present your case in a best way and represent your issue and solve it.


Child Care Law:


Our Brisbane Solicitors always ready to help you in your personal laws issues. Our team can advise on all of care law from the start of the case to the end, care law from the initial involvement of social services to the application of the court for the care orders and supervision orders, case of adoption or any other related matters. We know that it is our responsibility as your solicitors to demonstrate in the court what you think of this matter.


We will speak to the judge on our client behalf but you will have a chance at the important hearings to provide evidence yourself. Also the reports made by the social workers and the experts, we know that client will also produce a statement for the court we will assist and help you do this as your Solicitors. We provide you the best result and make you happy to get the require outcome. That’s why we have the name in the Law services providers.

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