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Easy Ways to Get Your Kids Active!

Every parent knows and understands just how important it is for their children to = be active and healthy during their crucial formative years, however, the challenge is often how to keep them motivated or to even get them started!


If this sounds like the perfect description of your struggle, you are not alone! Below are some tips to help you get your kids off the couch and enjoying the benefits of exercise.


Sing for Your Supper

Talking a walk after eating dinner is a great way to help your digestive system kick action to action but it is also a great opportunity to get some exercise. Consider rewarding your children with dessert, with the catch that you all have to walk to the store to get it. Alternate between each of your children to choose what dessert you have each night to keep the distances and routes changing.


While it might not seem like much, small amounts of exercise like this can all add up.


Soccer While You Simmer

If you find that you have a few minutes while your meal simmers or you are waiting for something to finish in the oven or to cool down, take the opportunity to increase your children’s hunger with a quick game of soccer or any other physically active games you can play at home.


Something as simple as playing a quick five-minute active sports game while you’re cooking finishes can be a great addition to the amounts of small exercise your child undertakes. When choosing sport, be sure that your children are wearing the right clothes. For example, shoes from the Groupon Coupons page for Footlocker designed to protect their ankles as they play can help to prevent injuries.


Lead the Way

It’s true that all children follow the examples which their parents set. For this reason, be sure to include them in your daily exercise routine. For example, if you enjoy walking on the treadmill at home after you return from work, encourage your children to join in with you, with each of you taking turns while you all chat about the day’s events.


By showing them that you enjoy exercise and that it can also be a fun and social activity, children are more likely to not only enjoy it but also choose it as a preferred activity when you are not around.


Slide Into Action!

Everybody loves a water park! Sliding down all of the crazy turns and twists is great fun for both adults and children. However, do you know what isn’t fun for adults? Climbing the stairs to get to the top just to do it all again! While you may have ten…or give…or maybe three climbs in you, your children have the energy for the entire day!


For this reason, speak with your friends who also have children and head to your local water park. After the parents have all had their fun, they can relax and socialize on the grass while all of the children burn off their energy exercising.


As you can see, keeping your children active and interested in exercise isn’t as difficult as you once thought, it just needs a little creative thinking.